Attempting to make useful Bitcoin Lightning tools


StreamSats is the easiest way to share Bitcoin with viewers on your Stream. Your viewers claim Satoshis on your stream using any LNURL-withdraw enabled wallet.

A tipping feature was recently added to make it possible for streamers to receive Bitcoin tips from viewers.


Pomodoro but with a Bitcoin twist. Meet your deadline or lose sats. For every minute you go over the deadline, you'll pay a fine of 10 Satoshis.

(Currently a work-in-progress. Ideas welcome.)


Play a number guessing game with viewers on your stream and easily share Satoshis with the winner. Viewers participate by connecting with Twitch.

This tool replicates the number guessing game played on maryimasuen's Twitch streams.

LNURL and Lightning Address Inspector

LNURL and Lightning Address Inspector

Use this tool to view the JSON content of LNURLs and Lightning addresses in order to understand the data associated with them.

LNbits Lightning LNURL Documentation

I put together documentation on using LNbits API to pay lightning addresses and LNURL.